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Postpartum Planning Series

How do you feel about your postpartum recovery?

Do you feel excited to be spending some days/weeks in a new baby bubble, getting to know your little one(s), taking it easy, eating nutritious foods and sinking into your new role as a parent? Or do you intend to wing it and see what happens once baby is born – after all, what will be will be?

I’ll put my hands up and confess I didn’t put any thought into my postpartum recovery. It didn’t even occur to me that I should. I guess I just assumed that the lack of sleep, feeling rough and the total change of lifestyle was all a part of the rite of passage into parenthood. That no one would be interested to hear about my struggles because all parents go through the same, I wasn’t special.

Embarrassingly, I’d never heard of the traditional 40 day confinement period or variations of it.

I didn’t know that preparing & investing in myself both physically and emotionally would set me up on a stronger foot for my journey into motherhood.

I didn’t know that eating certain foods and drinking certain drinks, would support my recovery.

I didn’t know the importance of sitting still.

Over the next week I am going to be running a series of posts/blogs on postpartum planning, that will include lots of information to get you thinking about your postpartum recovery period, resources, and practical things you can do to support yourself during this very important time.

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