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Caesarean Planning

Families are often unaware that they have options when planning a caesarean - this course will take you through everything from beginning to end

​What to expect?


2 hours of content provided in the comfort of your home or virtually, any day of the week.


At the beginning of our session we will discuss how you are feeling & your current mindset.

I will then share with you information on mother/parent centred caesareans including how to communicate your wishes to your health care providers.  After our session you can finalise your birth plan ready for your next consultant/midwife appointment. 

After we have discussed your options, I will talk through what typically happens on the day of your caesarean birth, what you can expect and who will be involved.  This is really helpful to know and takes the mystery out of what you will experience. 

We will then move onto postpartum healing and infant feeding.


Who is this course for?

 This course is for you if you would like to plan for a caesarean birth or if you feel a caesarean birth is a possible outcome of your birth. 


​What's included?

This course will take you through everything from beginning to end including your current mindset towards birth, writing your birth plan for a mum/parent centred caesarean, what to expect on the day, infant feeding preparation and how to plan for your postpartum recovery

I also offer ongoing support, so if you have a questions or concerns about your maternity care I can support you by providing evidence based information.


After our session together, I will send you an email containing helpful documents and links to support you with your birth planning and ongoing discussions with your health care provider.

When should I take this course?

​This course can be taken any time, ideally before you meet with your health care professionals to discuss your birth preferences.

What's the investment?

The two hour course is an investment of £50

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