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Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Being a woman comes with its challenges.  We have unachievable beauty, career & family standards put upon.  We are judged on what we wear, how we look, how we act, how we speak, how we think, how we age, how we parent, how we work, how we bleed, how we birth, how we feed our babies.

We have not been sufficiently taught about our bodies, our reproductive system, our hormones, how to live in a cyclical body or how to prepare for menopause.  The society we live in was created for me, by men, and while we wait for true equity to rule, there is wisdom we must learn to heal ancestral wounds, empower our own existence and break the cycle for our daughters & granddaughters.  It is time to reclaim our power.  Knowledge is power and there is great fear of women holding power. 

Wherever you are in your life journey, you will be welcomed into circle to share your story.  Your experiences.  Your wisdom.

Each circle will focus on a topic, that I will share my knowledge of and then the circle will be open for you to share & say what you have to say.  

What do we discuss at a Women's Circle?

There will be no limitations of what we can speak about.  We will openly discuss all aspects of womanhood

HERstory (the story of women)

Menstrual Cycle's

Menstrual Cycle Awareness


Rites of Passage




Moon Cycles

Channelling our Wild Woman

Body Autonomy and what it mean to us

Locating & Retaining our Power

What happens?

Each circle lasts 1.5 hours.

We will sit in a circle, on the floor (with cushions & mats for comfort) or chairs will be available.

After introductions, I will share my knowledge on a topic, then the circle will be open for circle sisters to share their own experiences, ask questions.

Refreshments are available throughout.

Image by Kira auf der Heide


If you feel the call to attend a circle with me, click the below to book your space
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