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Birth Doula Support

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You are embarking on life’s greatest journey - whether you're travelling this epic path for the first time, or this is your 6th time, I would be honoured to be a part of your birth team.


Why hire me and what do I do?

I am a trained birth companion and will be there to support your whole family on this incredible journey.

I am incredibly passionate about supporting parents achieve the birth that they want (and deserve) and will provide you with the information needed, to enable you to make the decisions that are best for you. My warm, friendly, holistic approach will help you arrive at your birth feeling calm and confident.

As a hypnobirthing instructor, I understand and fully respect the physiologies & biomechanics of birth and how we can create the ideal environment to support your body & mind to allow birth to unfold naturally.


What will I do?



Lots of time spent getting to know you and your family.  You and your birth partner will complete my comprehensive antenatal course that covers birth preparation, hypnobirthing, biomechanics of birth (including rebozo techniques), mindful breastfeeding and postpartum planning.  We will explore your current mindset and using hypnobirthing techniques we will work together to reframe how you view parenthood, birth, breastfeeding and the postpartum period (if required).  We will spend lots of time planning your birth, exploring all options available to you, including writing birth plan(s).  I will be by your side as you navigate the maternity system, including attending appointments (if you wish I do so), supporting you write letters/emails and advocating for you. I can hold guided relaxations for you throughout our time together (including providing mp3's for you to listen to in your own time).  We can explore affirmation writing and I can provide journaling prompts for you to use throughout your pregnancy and beyond.  Together we will create space so you can tune in to your intuition, reaching decisions that work best for you & your family. 



I will be on call from week 38.  Support you while you create your calm, safe birth environment, whether this is at home or in hospital.  I will provide practical & emotional support throughout your labour.  I will advocate for you and protect your birth space to ensure you and your birth partner have optimal privacy. Once your baby is born, I can support you as you establish breastfeeding/chestfeeding and support you while you create your optimal immediate post-birth environment.  I will remain with you until you feel settled post-birth. 

(in labours that last for more that 15hrs, I reserve the right to take a break/rest/nap including going home.  If birth feels imminent  I will remain with you).


Traditional Postpartum Doula Support

Nourish and nurture you, the birther. Mother the Mother. I will keep you warm, fed and hydrated while you care for your baby. Using the lost wisdom of our wise ancestors.  I will be there to listen & hold you while we discuss the birth of you & of your baby and as you explore thoughts & feelings surrounding this sacred time. I will bring food and drinks to nourish you, massage your aching shoulders, womb and feet, I will provide specific oils and herbs to aid healing and lots more.  As a mother myself, I am great with older siblings. I can play, colour, sing and read stories. I can hold baby, while you rest or bathe and I can do light chores and cook.  Anything that helps with your transition into parenthood.  

Traditional 40 day postpartum check-in -I will visit you before your 6 week GP check-up for an emotional and physiological check-in.  This is timed before your GP check-up as there may be things come up from our session that you can then discuss with your GP.


Each family is different and each support package will be uniquely planned with you, to ensure you get the best support for your investment.​​  If I sound like a good fit, and you fancy a chat, get in touch with me to schedule an initial consultation.​

My birth package includes:

  • Continuous What's App/Email/Phone/In-person support from moment contracts signed.

  • Minimum of 3 in-person prenatal sessions (approx. 9 hours).  1: Getting to know each other 2: Birth Prep/Hypnobirthing/Biomechanics of Birth 3: Postpartum Planning/Infant Feeding.

  • The Birth Uprising digital Hypnobirthing/Birth Prep course

  • I will be on-call from 38 weeks until the birth of your baby.  I will support you physically, practically and emotionally during this time.  Whilst on-call, we can speak daily and meet in person frequently – I like to ensure you are feeling calm, safe and prepared.

  • Support at the birth throughout, protecting your birth space, providing physical, practical & emotional support throughout, advocating for you (if you would like me to), helping you make informed decisions, every step of the way.  I leave once you are settled with baby (I can help with initiating breastfeeding, if this is something you would like to do)

  • Three postnatal visits (approx. 9 hours) once you are settled with baby.  I will keep you warm, hydrated and nourished while we talk about how you are feeling after the birth of your baby.

  • A fourth postnatal visit at around day 40 postpartum, to discuss your physical and emotional wellbeing.  This visit usually takes place before your 6 week GP check-up.

  • Also included, a gift bag, herbs for bathing/pelvic steams to aid healing, teas/smoothies/golden milk, broths/soups/stews, belly wrapping, a copy of my client handbook, access to my birth books, access to my online Parent Hub that contains lots of useful information, hypnobirthing MP3's, tutorials (breastfeeding, baby massage, baby wearing, starting solids), positive birth videos, printable affirmations and lots more! 


Investment for this package is £1,500


- Mother Blessing Ceremony (a mother-centred alternative to a Baby Shower)

- Closing Ceremony

- Additional Postpartum Doula Support

- Mindful Breastfeeding Support (postpartum)

If you would like the continuity of a doula to support you throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum but do not require physical support during labour, my Wrap-Around & Virtual Doula Support could suit you. Click here to read more about this offering.

What's Included?

Birth Prep &

Current mindset towards birth

Anatomy of cervix, vagina and vulva

The Mighty Uterus

The Science behind Hypnobirthing & the mind-body connection

Visualisations, Affirmations & Journeying within

Tools & techniques to help keep labour progressing

Birth hormones & how to support them

Birth environment 

Navigating your maternity care & your birth rights

Birth plans and birth map

Decision making tools

Optimal Birth Positions

Breathing techniques

Physiology of labour

Golden Hour

Current mindset towards breastfeeding

Recap of the science behind mindfulness (similar to hypnobirthing) and the mind-body connection

Preparing to breastfeed

The important of connection



Current mindset toward the postpartum period

Exploring family, cultural, religious traditions

Traditional ways to support your postpartum mind & body

4th trimester 

How to support yourself and your baby during this transition

Nutrition and movement

Access to The Birth Uprising digital hypnobirthing course

Client handbook full of resources and info plus handouts

8 x MP3 relaxation tracks (pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding)

Writing your own affirmations informaiton

Journaling prompts

Pre-recorded online course content on:

Prenatal yoga

Introduction to breastfeeding


Introducing solids

Also included

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