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Image by Priscilla Du Preez


We are Maidens in our early adult life, until approx. 25 years old.  This time in our life is fun & influential.  Building our careers, carving out our life path.


Fresh out of education, we have been brought up in a society designed for men-by men, and we have been consciously & subconsciously taught to disconnect from what is going on in our body and to show up feeling & thinking the same every single day.


We have been convinced that we are "erratic" "unpredictable" & "moody".  That we should hide how we are feeling, because it makes others uncomfortable.


Have you ever wondered why some days you are full on energy ready to take on the world, and other days you are exhausted, irritable & want to stay in bed?  We are cyclical beings - we go through cycles every months which is connected to our menstrual cycle.  We do not feel the same every day - in fact if you tuned into yourself every day you will notice that every day you feel slightly different.


By understanding your unique cycle, following your ebbs & flows, you will have the knowledge to plan your life around your menstrual cycle.  You will hold the wisdom needed to create & implement the self-care tools you require across your monthly cycle.  You will hold the blueprint to your mind & body, thus becoming completely predictable.  Nothing is more powerful.


Sharing cyclical living knowledge with my friends (who are mostly in their 40's), brings up a lot of frustration & resentment.  They all wish they knew this information decades ago. They all say "why has nobody told me this before".  I have lost count how many have told me they feel "cheated" out of living life in harmony with their body, rather than against it. 


My vision for Maiden Circles is to support women at this pivotal time in life, sharing knowledge on the female body, menstrual cycle, hormones, fertility, relationships and lots more.

I sincerely believe all of us hold this wisdom in our bodies already, but it has been oppressed within us for hundreds of years.   


Once the wisdom is located & unlocked you will gain body literacy, total autonomy over your body, you become the expert in your body, no longer will you have to defer to third party "experts" to help you understand yourself.

I will be running Maiden Circles (for 18-25 year olds) at Lotus Health & Fitness (Highams Park) and I am also available to hold private circles at your home in or around London.

If you have any questions?  Please be in touch and I will gladly answer them  I really look forward to sitting in circle with you soon.

What do we discuss at a Maiden Circle?

There will be no limitations of what we can speak about.  We will openly discuss all aspects of womanhood

HERstory (the story of women)

Menstrual Cycle's

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Rites of Passage




Moon Cycles

Channelling our Wild Woman

Body Autonomy and what it mean to us

Locating & Retaining our Power

What happens?

Each circle lasts 1.5 hours.

We will sit in a circle, on the floor (with cushions & mats for comfort).

After introductions, I will share my knowledge on a topic, then the circle will be open for circle sisters to share their own experiences, ask questions.

Refreshments are available throughout.

Image by Kira auf der Heide


If you feel the call to attend a circle with me, click the below to book your space
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