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Download my free Menstrual Cycle Awareness chart

How to use the chart:

You can start using this chart today, there is no need to wait for the first day of your next cycle, unless you would like to wait.

Find a time of day where you can spend some quiet moments checking in with yourself (I usually find bedtime works well for me

Make a note of the day you begin using the chart, entering it in the space in the top right of the page.

Next you would work out which day of the cycle you are on, by counting how many days it has been since the first day of your last period.  Once you have worked this out, you would begin using the wheel from that day i.e. if you were on day 14 of your cycle, you would find 14 on the wheel and complete that day and continue from there.  If today is the first day, you would start at number 1, at the top for the wheel.

When you are ready to begin your practice, take some slow, deep breaths and then carry out the four body check-in:

1. How you feel Physically. Think about;
   Breast tenderness, lower backache, cramps, headaches, bloating and/or any other aches/sensations of note.
   Blood Flow / Cervical Fluid / Dryness
   Energy levels
2. How you feel Mentally.  Think about;
   Mood, energy levels, patience levels, creativity, playfulness, 
3. How you feel Emotionally.
4. How you feel Spiritually

You can include questions such as; how sociable you are feeling or whether you are feeling more inward & withdrawn from your outside world.  

The intention of the chart is to note single words or short sentences.  If you prefer to write longer sentences or go more in depth, journaling may be a good option for you.

The water-droplet symbol is where you can make notes of blood flow, cervical fluid or leave it blank if neither are present.

The circle symbol is to note where the moon is in her cycle.  

Acknowledgement: The Four Body Check-In was taught to me by Charlotte Pointeaux, which Charlotte was supported by Claire Baker to develop.

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