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Rites of Passage

Women move through five physical Rites of Passage, whether or not they are consciously and intentionally acknowledged 

Rites of passage happen whether (or not) we consciously & intentionally acknowledge them.  When we consciously & intentionally embrace and celebrate them, they can be incredibly powerful.  The person receives wisdom from those around them.  They feel a sense of belonging and security. It cultivates connection with themselves, leading to feelings of empowerment, strength, self-trust and self-worth.  It prepares them for change and helps them thrive in their new passage in life.  It’s a significantly transformative journey that if done right, can change the person’s life path. 


If a rite of passage is not consciously acknowledged and celebrated the person can feel unprepared going into their new role.  They may also feel disconnected from themselves and from those around them.  Isolated and alone.  Left to figure out their new role by themselves – to seek information from strangers.


Celebrating rites of passage has been forgotten in many societies and cultures around the world.  Now is the time to break this cycle and reclaim the celebrations.

My own experience of becoming a Mother

After the birth of my first daughter in 2016 I remember sitting on my sofa at home with a feeling deep in my body. I felt a yearning for some praise, some celebration of me, some acknowledgement of my transformation into Motherhood.  When that didn't happened, I felt daft for believing something would/should happen - after all it was my daughter who had been born.  

When I look back I feel a great sadness.  It wasn't just my daughter who was born, there was a second birth.  The birth of a Mother.  The rite of passage into Motherhood has been all but forgotten and I passionately believe it is time to bring it back.

Have you considered an alternative baby shower? A Mother Blessing Ceremony instead.  In a Mother Blessing Ceremony, you as the Mother take centre stage. You are bathed in blessings & love from your closest family and friends. Wisdom is shared, celebrations are made for this incredibly important rite of passage.  A Mother Blessing Ceremony can be held while you are pregnant or after the birth of your baby(ies).  

I'm using the term Mother, because I identify as a mother however it's incredibly important to acknowledge that not all people who give birth identify as Mothers and we are all at risk of not being consciously initiated through this rite of passage into motherhood/fatherhood/parenthood.

Please read here for information on Mother/Birth Blessings
A photo of my daughter and me

How I can help you celebrate Rites of Passage

Recieving Flowers

Menarche (first period)
& Coming of Age

Attend one of my First Moon Circles or Coming of Age circles, to learn and celebrate entering womanhood.


Pregnancy, Birth & The Postpartum

Birth preparation, hypnobirthing, birth support, postpartum support as you leave your Maiden years and enter Motherhood.

Image by Hanna Postova

Mother/Birth Blessing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

An alternative to a baby shower.  This beautiful ceremony celebrates you, the mother. Gather with your nearest and dearest, be bathed in blessings and love during this tender time in your life. 

A Closing Ceremony supports you to close a passage in your life and step into a new version of you. 

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