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Women have gathered in circle since the dawn of time.  It is sat in circle where we would learn about our bodies, our emotions, our menstrual cycles, the moon cycles, the earth seasons, pregnancy, birth, menopause and every facet of being a women. Wisdom shared, knowledge passed on, stories told, there was laughter & crying.  Women would hold each other through the tough and the smooth.  Women’s Circles are exceptional & sacred.  But in our recent history, the sacredness was all but destroyed and the society we now live under would rather see us pitted against one another, than united.  Women are incredibly powering when we come together, and this power is feared.

Image by Vonecia Carswell


I will run monthly Women's Circles (or more if there is demand), with each circle focused on a particular topic.  I will share my knowledge on the topic and the circle will be open for each circle sister to ask questions & share her experiences, story, celebrations, concerns and so on (please refer to circle schedule for topics, dates and times).

Each circle will be holistic, soft and gentle.  


Do you want to learn feminine wisdom? To be held & supported?  To be witnessed & validated? To begin the journey of healing the past, present & future? To break generational cycles?


My 6 month transformational journey could be what you are looking for.

Image by Gemma Chua-Tran
For women age 18 to 25 years old.
We are Maidens in our early adult life, until approx. 25 years old.  This time in our life is fun, full of potential & very influential.

Gaining full knowledge of your mind and body will support you as you carve out your life path. 

Attending a Maiden Circle will give you full body autonomy & empowerment as you journey through our male dominated world.

I also hold circles for girls/children as they
journey through puberty

Circles held for women in all stages of the female life cycle.  

Whether you are in your Maiden, Mothering, Maga or Crone years, you will be welcome to come and share your life story. 


If you feel the call to attend a circle with me, click the below to book your space

Our Space

Circles are held at the beautiful Lotus Health & Fitness, Hale End Road, E4.

We typically gather monthly around the full moon.

Circle attendee numbers are intentionally kept small, to ensure all circle sisters have the time and space they deserve.  Therefore, booking is essential.  

Circle Guidelines

Circle Guidelines:


Our ancestors gathered in circles, sharing, listening, laughing, crying, planning, reflecting.  This beautiful practice was dissolved, as the patriarchal society was established.  Women gathering was seen as a threat to male control.  During the Middle Ages women turned on one another, as a survival mechanism, which was the final step in dismantling the special, and powerful, qualities of sisterhood.  Co-creating a space for women is not only needed, it is of great responsibility, which is why we must follow guidelines to ensure everyone in the circle feels respected, validated and hopefully safe.


The Guidelines for our circle are:



Please respect each other’s views, stories, experiences, and voice.  Please do not interrupt another circle sister while she is speaking.



We are all here for the same experience, all different but all deserving of being treated kindly, with love, and without being judged. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be open-minded and respectful of each other. You might think differently to someone else and that is ok: we are all different.



What is said in circle, stays in circle.  Please do not share anything that a circle sister shares, outside of our circle.  This isn’t a space for gathering gossip.



All sisters who attend my circles have full sovereignty over their participation.  You can say and share as much or as little as you feel comfortable.  You are very welcome to “pass” when it is your time to speak.


Open, beginners mindset:

You may already know some of the things we will talk about in circle, and that is fantastic.  I kindly and respectfully request that you remain open-minded to receive new information, because there might be new things that you learn.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the format of a Women's Circle?

While there will be some structure, I wish for the circle's to be flexible and fluid. 

Circle Sisters are to arrived for the beginning.  Once the circle is open, late comers will be unable to join. 

I will open the circle by welcoming everyone, stating my intentions for the circle and reading the circle guidelines. 

We will then introduce ourselves (one at a time).

I will then begin sharing the knowledge I hold on the topic, before we begin the sharing circle (the time when circle sisters are invited to share what they would like.  Some circles will not have a focus topic and we will be lead by the needs of the women present (the format of this circle will include a short guided relaxation)

What are your qualifications?

I am a certified menstrual educator, antenatal/hypnobirthing practitioner, doula, postpartum doula and mindful breastfeeding practitioner.  I also offer Mother Blessings, Closing Ceremonies, Menarche Celebrations.


Is a circle for me?

Sitting in a circle, potentially opening-up and showing vulnerability to others can feel like a daunting prospect for many.  If this is you, and it feels right to do the following, you could spend some time sitting with that feeling.  Identifying where this feeling is coming from and why you feel the way you do.  For many of us, we have been hurt by other females – this could have been in childhood when friends or family let you down.  Or it could be more recent in your adult years.  I have experienced both childhood and adult hurt from females.  The girls/women who do the hurting are on their own journey and we cannot let them define us.  I sincerely vision creating safer spaces, free from judgement/hurt/deception, for women who wish to actively heal the wounds of sisterhood. I request that all circle attendees read and adhere to the circle Guidelines.  Women have too many challenges are hurdles to overcome, it is time we stand together in solidarity.


I am not spiritual, will I be welcome?

Yes, absolutely.  I call myself spiritually curious.  I believe all females are, but this curiosity has been oppressed.  Whether you are spiritual or not, there will be space for you at one of my circles.  What we discuss in circles may resonate with you or unlock a part of you that you didn’t know existed.  It could be the beginning of something new.


Are the circles structured?

Each circle there will be a topic to be discussed.  I will share information I hold about the topic and then there will be space for each circle sister to share what they would like to share.

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