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to support girls towards happy, healthy entry to menstruation and puberty

About First Moon Circles and Menarche as a Rite of Passage


First Moon Circles celebrate and empower girls through their first periods (menarche). Our playful education sessions for girls/children honour the rite of passage, share what girls and their parents can expect, and how children can care for themselves physically, emotionally & spiritually as they grow, evolve and mature into adolescence.


First Moon Circles are a beautiful, empowering alternative/addition to traditional period education featuring craft, conversations and a special parent-daughter celebration. 


These sacred, beautiful, love-filled and most important of all FUN space for young girls and children with wombs to gather in circle to receive knowledge and tools to start their periods with ease, flow (pardon the pun!) and comfort. 


The benefits of celebrating menarche as a rite of passage are huge.  It has the potential to change a girls life trajectory, it will break-down barriers, eradicate menstrual shame and teach our children how to live in harmony with their cycles.

What is a First Moon Circle?

First Moon refers to a person’s very first period – their menarche. 


A First Moon Circle is a group education and celebration of this very important and powerful rite of passage. 


Whether they have started their period, hasn’t bled yet, or if any of their friends have – this is the perfect opportunity for girls to feel proud, gain knowledge, become empowered and know how to support themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually as they enter womanhood.

How do participants benefit from going to a First Moon Circle?


First Moon Circles are absolutely overflowing with value:

  • Each participant will leave feeling more confident and empowered through greater knowledge, understanding and acceptance of what's to come, and how powerful, important, special and transformational this phase of their life is.

  • Parents and participants are supported to open up conversations to discuss periods and puberty (and who knows what else!) afterwards, having been held in the safe space of circle where this talk is safe and normalised.

  • If friends attend together, then they gain the added benefit of sisterhood, having this shared experience to refer back to, and to share wisdom with their other friends.  

  • Parents are also supported to learn this wisdom alongside their daughter, feel safe and heard and be guided with tools and language to support their child. 

  • And often, mothers are able to heal a part of their own relationship to their menarche and menstruation, through giving their child the support they wish they'd had as a child, and learning about their own cycles.

Attendees will also receive a specially crafted Moon Pack (goody bag) with some sanitary samples and other items to support emotional and physical self-care.


First Moon Circles can be held for groups of friends or girls can attend one of our future community circles.

Body Literacy, 

a photo of me with a group of girls
period products

What happens at a First Moon Circle?

(First Moon Circles are split into 2 parts)

PART 1: Periods, puberty and answer ALL of their questions


We start with a 90 minutes experience just for the group to come together, have fun, be silly, make new friends, and learn accurate information about what's happening to their physical body, as well as their emotional and spiritual selves as they approach and encounter menarche (the first period, or first moon). 

Here First Mooners learn about:

  • What periods and puberty are, what happens during this stage of development and what they can expect to notice, sense and feel within their body and emotions,

  • ​An introduction to the female body, hormones, and the reproductive system, 

  • Body and earth friendly period product options and a chance to play with different options,

  • And they can ask me any and all awkward, embarrassing, curious questions they've not felt able to ask yet

Herbal Tea

PART 2: Introduction to Whole Menstrual Cycle, Cycle Awareness and Celebration with our loved ones

A celebratory afternoon tea where Mums/Nanas/Carers are invited to join us to share what the girls have discovered, whilst the elders are invited to share positive guidance and beautiful wishes they have for the girls in their lifetime. 

Here the intentions are to: 

  • Introduction to Cycle Awareness (remember, the period is just 1 part of a 4 stage cycle!) and how our energy, superpowers and needs change across the month,

  • Introduction to self-care for their cycle (a couple of examples include: why rest is important, why its ok if suddenly they might feel a bit cranky and how to nurture themselves through the pre-menstrual phase),

  • Role model that it is possible to talk openly about periods and puberty amongst friends and adults,

  • Give the parents an opportunity to affirm the positive learning and experience, and to encourage the girls to be able to talk to them about personal topics, 

  • Parents share wisdom with everyone present, which helps the girls feel supported and remember that they are not alone, and that all womxn before them have been through the same experience. 

  • Girls share what they have learned with the adults which will no-doubt offer you new knowledge yourself!

  • To celebrate a very special time in a person's life - and to frame the natural process as normal, healthy, magical, and a time a girl meets her power. ​​

Circle Gallery

Please enjoy photos of different circles I have held.  I hope they give you a sense of the beautiful space we create together.  As well as empower & educate, my intention is for my circles to be the beginning of a lifelong love of sitting in circle with other girls/women.

Community or Friendship Circle?

I offer two types of First Moon Circle's

Community Circles are when anyone can join.  You simply purchase a ticket for your daughter to attend on a date & time set by me. 

Friendship Circles are private circles held in the comfort of your home.  The circle is attended by your daughters friends, cousins, sisters.  You decide when and who.

Pricing for Community Circles:


Tier 3

Tier 2

Tier 1





Please refer to green bottle definitions below to see which description best matches your financial circumstances

To help me maintain this pricing, I require a minimum of 5 attendees per circle.

Pricing for Friendship Circles:

£325 per circle (excluding travel costs).  This price allows for up to 5 girls to attend.  The cost is £65 for each additional girl to attend.

Accessibility is very important to me. If this pricing feels out of reach, please refer to sliding scale model below and send me an email on  My aim is to remove barriers for girls/children to attend my circles. 

The above prices are excluding cost of train/fuel.  Expenses will be calculated and communicated to families as needed.

Prices are subject to change. 

**Pricing has been updated with effect from 13 May 2024**

Pricing - Sliding Scale

I use the sliding scale created by Alexis J Cunningfolk with additions from Britt Hawthorne


I use a sliding scale to help people pay according to their available resources. Those with greater financial privilege contribute more, this allows me to sustain my services while making accessibility as broad as possible

sliding scale image


On entering, the atmosphere was very calming, and the children and adults were immediately welcomed, which made us all feel at ease.

The children were relaxed and free to talk about anything that was on their minds in a very supportive, environment.

The session was carefully organised, extremely insightful and was very well resourced, which motivated and captivated the children- they didn’t want to leave.

Thank you for creating this experience for our children, Nikki.

The course was absolutely fantastic.  We both enjoyed it a lot.  This is something I think all girls should do! 

We’ve had a very normal, casual conversation, without any awkwardness, in the days afterwards, she was telling what she had also read in a puberty book we have at home, it was lovely to see her relaxed and referencing what she already learnt at moon circle. I feel massive difference in her confidence when it comes to embracing her upcoming changes. The biggest bonus, and I can’t thank you enough about this, is that I feel so much closer to my daughter, and I feel this amazing connection with her that has deepened since the event. I was on such a high after the event, feeling comfort in fact that she will have better understanding of her body and she will be better prepared than I ever was or knew to do how.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is a First Moon Circle?

First Moon Circle's last 3 hours.  They are split into two parts, each lasting 90 minutes.  Please see the description about.

Are First Moon Circle's only in a group circle? Or can you hold a private circle for my daughter(s)/children?

First Moon Circle's are super flexible and can be held in a group format or as private circle's.  I would allow 3 hours for both formats, although the private circles may be shorter.

Where are First Moon Circle's held?

First Moon Circle's can be held at your home or in a community space.

What happens if my daughter/child doesn't want to attend?

If you would like to sign up your daughter/child to a First Moon Circle, but they do not want to attend I personally feel it's really important not to pressure them.  If possible, it's nice to try and understand why they do not want to attend - quite often it can be because they do not want to talk in front of the other circle attendees.  If this is the case, you can reassure them that it isn't a requirement that they openly speak in circle.  They are very welcome to come along to listen to what I and the others say, play with the period products, eat the yummy food, participate in the crafts and then head home.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch, if you would like to have a chat about this.

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